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Beyond Good and Evil

Games that have aged well!

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I've just bought Rayman: origins, a great game and the pre-order bonus is, get this, a free game!!

Beyond Good and Evil HD. I started a game and it is phenomenal! Why have i not played this before!! It has a really zen attitude to it, everyone is an animal or some-kind of friendly creature. The repair men at the garage for your hovercraft are Bob Marley rinos. It just puts a smile on your face. It has a serious feel while keeping a young character-theme, colour choice, movement, look and feel are all important to me and this game hits the nail on the head, just like Bastion.

In the first moments of the game your thrust on a planet far away from earth, where a government is in conflict with another organization just when they get attacked by a new alien threat. You are in charge of a orphanage for the kids who's parents have died in previous attacks, and now its your turn to get attacked. So right off the bat you fight. Once you've fended off the attack your home is still left powerless, literally! You got no more money so no more electricity so no more shields. So you get a camera, to document all the planets species to build a catalogue or for missions and you are paid for every picture getting you important cash for heals, upgrades, perks, and abilities. There are two main forms of currency, pearls and credits. You can get credits almost anywhere, killing a monster or selling a picture of that monster will do it. So before you kill something you want to take a picture! There is an awesome reggae garage that you can go to to buy upgrades for your hovercraft like jet engines and super lazers to say the least. There is a small open world to explore but it doesn’t take long to know it by heart. Some zones are blocked until more abilities are unlocked, same thing with the city. You go from place to place via hovercraft and sometimes you get these 'surprise attacks' between quests where the aliens attack and you battle them on the water.

The combat is good for a ps2 game, you can change targets mid-combo sending you character into different moves making for varied combat. Meaning you can always change directions or stop whenever you want, and don't have to wait for the combo to finish so you can quickly attack another enemy when the one you just started attacking dies after two hits. This makes the overall combat very smooth and very little space for those 'WTF' moments where your character is unstoppable and throws himself off a cliff, or keeps swinging into thin air while a big ass alien is right behind you preparing his super attack. You also get accessories along the way like a glove that allows you to throw projectiles from your 'camera view'. This is, like all other extras you get used in the 'puzzles' and create an extra fight tool for some enemy types.

The quests themselves are quite straight forward varying the game-play a bit from exploration to sneak to action. There are, usual, hidden items and small side corridors with hidden items to perk you up. There's a lot to play around with and after a while the game does get more and more difficult, making it worth while to play even if at first you feel a bit treated like a child. When you get to the menus and shops and see how much stuff you miss though, you can tell, the game is complete and will be challenging to finish.

Overall a solid game, and a great re-master. No extra content is understandable, i can't complain i got the game for free with rayman:origins! I'm giving Beyond Good and Evil HD an 9.5/10

écrit le mercredi 30 novembre 2011