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Gears of War 3 Review


Gears of war has always been a franchise that has pushed the 3rd person genre to the epic proportions of the 1st person. (in America anyways) Every time I played i was always impressed by the epic desperation and grit of the game. Like i say to people describing the artistic style of gears, its a very dirty game. Gears of war 3 brings something new, while staying true to the originals, the colour palette is expanded with more blue and green. Making the game much 'cleaner' to look at long gaming sessions become easier and the game is more fun to look at. It fits in perfectly with the change in story, location, and overall feel of the game. In the previous gears you were on a battle field, preventing the end of the world. In the final chapter our characters are surviving the desperate life of 'post-apocalypse'. The artistic feel of the game brings this out perfectly.

As far as the feel of the controls go i found it much more fluid this time around. Usually in Gears we found ourselves driving a tank and the game-movement was slower than other games. For Gears3 I found the movement much faster and more comfortable, but cant exactly put my finger on it, maybe I’ve grown used to it in any case, I enjoyed it much better.

At the time of writing this review I’ve only played the game a modest 8 hours (two days after launch). So i cannot say much about the games online modes. I have tried 'horde' 2.0. They added a small 'Tower defence' element which fits in well with a wave-based survival mode. Every-time you kill or assist you gain in-game cash which can be then later be used to repair your defences such as spikes, turrets, or even the new silver back in between waves. (A powerful tool, the new silver-back)

There is also a versus mode, and a new 'beast' mode which seems complicated, you are basically performing a 'time-attack' to kill as many humans as possible, using various beasts. You use the in-game cash this time around to unlock new beasts and more time is awarded, the more humans you kill!!

Overall a solid package, many game modes, online, co-op and single are all available, you can even versus against bots if your new to the franchise and still don’t have the skills to measure up to the talented and the socially-challenged. This game would be getting a perfect score if not for one big 'Elephant-in-the-bed'. LONG waiting lines to get into multiplayer games. Either this is because they did not plan for such a high-volume of players or the servers themselves have problems. Now some argue this may be my connection but i assure you, I've played countless hours of Halo: Reach online with people from Texas or California and have never been dropped from games as often as gears3. Sorry guys but if you put a big focus on new multiplayer game-modes then put a big focus on your servers as well please!!

In the end, a must buy, Gears of War3 gets a 9.5/10.

écrit le mercredi 30 novembre 2011