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The Epic Greatness of Final Fantasy7

Final fantasy is a long-running franchise that with every new instalment has brought either something new or re-enforced something that we love. In some cases wrote the book on RPG style games. In every game since the first one I played (FF2 America) on snes, we either got the best graphics in the gaming world or the best story or the best music. Now before you haters attack, know that this is just an opinion!

The hype before a new Final Fantasy game was unbearable. I still remember when we got FF8 my brother bought it but couldn't play until the next day.(He has one of those 'social' lives....pffft...) I got the special privilege to play on the big TV, in the living room with his PS one. It was back in the day when the games were still unique enough that not too many people knew about it but it was getting popular enough so that you could chat with a friend at school about It. Now ALL the kids are playing Call of Duty and telling the grown-ups what to do...eew ...

In Final Fantasy 7 we had the honour of playing a true, dedicated Japanese RPG on the new and very powerful Sony Play station. It was a very magical time for me as for the first time we had games in 3d with true grandeur.

The games usually were racing and platforming. But even before the dual joysticks (which changed the world) we were blessed with what i think is still to date the best game of all time. Final fantasy7 came out and blew my mind to bits. Of course back then i did not have the means to stay up to date as much, so i didn't get it until my super awesome brother bought it. An oversized sword, dim lighting, and three simple words on the screen... New Game and Continue. It was the earliest game, in my memory to have such beautiful three dimensional animation. The polygons were many, the sound was the most advanced and the colours and themes were not-so-distant future gritty... Usually i remember films and video games set in the future to have bright colours or perfect edges, beautiful landscape and architecture. This was dirty, the trash was piled up, people were sick, machines were fixed but often breaking down so this new vision of the future was very cool to me (having not seen blade runner yet).

Nobuo Uematsu wrote songs for this game that are now forever engraved in my repertoire. The main theme that you hear on the world map is an absolutely epic piece of music, in my opinion, worthy of the classics of old. The battle theme, boss, aerith, and all the way to Sephiroth were perfect for the theme that the story-writer wanted to portray.

Let's admit it, the visuals of FF7 are primitive to say it politely. But the splendour of the world itself, the environments, Midgar seen from the top of slum walls, the vast mountains as seen from the eyes of a 9-year-old kid in '97 was simply amazing. The hands were cubes, the hair was a triangle and so was the torso. There were no textures only overlapped colours, but the game world, not the characters, was visually stunning. I was used to Snes graphics and on the N64 we had only little 3d platforming games or racers. It was a visual enhancement of what we had before, cool but not phenomenal. When we got FF7, it was an epic augmentation to an already epic franchise.

An all new 'Materia' system for magic and abilities was also new this time around. Meaning you could not only chose what you wanted, but your weapons had a direct effect on how your characters worked. If you equip the new and more powerful sword, you have to sacrifice one or more of your magic skills. Also, the materia was an intergral part to the development of the storyline. It was motive for the Shinra corp.s struggle for ultimate dominance. The means for Sephiroth to destroy all living things on the earth. In the end, the source of all materia, The Lifestream, is what saves the world.

For the impact on me, for the way it revolutionized the world's gaming, i must give Final Fantasy 7 a 10/10.

écrit le mercredi 30 novembre 2011