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My 2011 TOP 5

It is important for me to mention that this is simply my opinion as a gamer and not a mathematical thing. My top 5 might not be the best games as far as production value and hell, they might not even have came out in 2011!! It is simply the games I have enjoyed most this year. So give 'em a shot, these games are awe-inspiring and have raised my standards towards my purchases and in turn the games I talk about on this blog.

No.5 Mass effect 2 (XB360)

The first time I heard of mass effect, I dismissed it almost right away. Back in 2009 I was playing Fallout3 like a second life, I had no care for anything different or new. But then in January 2011 my boss traded in his copy of Mass effect2 CE and he said something like ''WHAAAAT!? You never played any of the two mass effect games!? You GOTTA buy this one!!'' and so i got the ME2CE for 27.99 :-) I played about 50hrs in two months. It took me away from Fallout and into a new universe and story of the likes that I truly enjoy.(I'm always comparing to star-wars)

No.4 Portal 2 (PS3)

I had never played the first portal before the second came out, and still have yet to play it.I know, I know. But when Portal 2 two came out, I told myself I'd give it a shot. I was not disappointed! Just in the first hour you can see that the guys at valve really poured a lot of love into Portal 2. It is totally different from anything I've ever played except the fact that it IS a first person shooter. But you don't really shoot anyone, just portals! The game teaches you to think before you act and look at all the clues before you think. Once you think you got something, the game throws you something new and unexpected to make you change the order of the think before you act. If your a puzzle fan, this game is for you. If your a shooter fan, this game is for you. Kids wanna watch you play? No violence! Buy Portal 2!!

No.3 Bastion (XBLA)

This is one of the games in 2011 that raised the bar as far as visual quality goes. (Special mention to Rayman:origins, great visuals as well) It's simple but effective game-play brought me back to the type of game I enjoyed my entire life before first-person shooters. The visual art of this game is the best I've ever seen. 3D or not this game is a true thing of beauty. Look it up. It also has the best soundtrack I've heard in a game since FF7. (They did win best soundtrack at the VGA2011.) The acoustic yet heavy beat of the game's music is just perfect for the look of this game. Challenging, a visual treat, best sound (voice and music) this game is a MUST.

No.2 Gears of War 3

Gears started way back when I didn't own current-gen consoles yet. I was knee deep in counterstrike. Gears of war was the extra special story of the guys who tried to prevent our world from ending. Their noble combat, epic weapons, and immeasurable courage, were that thing I'd have to travel far to my bro's place to Co-op with him. We lived and breathed Gears during those hours. When Gears of War 3 came out this year, I bought the Epic Edition. They deserved every penny of my 149.99.

For Gears of war 3 I had my own console, playing with my Turtle Beach headset I got the highest-quality experience. In the end, only made it to no.2 of my favourite games of 2011.


In 2011 if there were a counter for every game I played, the most hours would be clocked on Halo: reach. Every time I played I would have my little ritual. I would start up my T.V. Plug in my Turtle beach head set. Turn on my X-box360, and watch the X-box start-up. When I'd hit the button to start my Halo: Reach I would sit there and be defenceless to the amazing intro with choir vocals and space view of Reach itself. The power of the deep and low drums. Immediately, I hop into some fire-fight, blow some shit up!! I've beaten the game on Heroic but I don't have the time with all these other games flirting me away from my truly beloved to harness the true power of my Halo skills. Halo: reach came out in Fall 2010 but I played most of 2011 as well.

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