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NO PS4/XB720 AT E3 2012!!??

I posted a small article about Gaming gods Sony and Microsoft announcing their next-gen consoles at E3 2012 with a ''100% concrete, ultra-high level'' source. Well, according to industry annalist Michael Pachter this is definitely NOT happening. Financial magazine and website Forbes reports quotes of 'The Pachter' saying ''I think there's a zero chance of a tease from Sony for Playstation 4, a new Xbox at E3 is also unlikely. '' he places the odds at a 20%. If there is one man i trust in this ''bizz'' its the 'Pach-Man. '

The claim from MCV's editor Ben Parfitt on twitter never discloses who this source is, and after sleeping on it, it's hard to believe that a source would know the detailed inner-workings of BOTH gaming giants... as IGN states ''...who could possibly know the rival companies well enough to be intimately familiar with both Sony's and Microsoft's E3 plans.''

With MCV's report and Micheal Pachter's analysis contradicting one another it's hard to say what will happen this summer. It might just be one HUGE surprise that goes against the norm in a way no-one could possibly predict. Or it might just be another hoax to get more 'hits' on their website. Whatever it is, all we can do is remain patient and wait it out until June.

Check out IGN's article and see for yourself!

(Link to the Forbes article)

écrit le lundi 9 janvier 2012