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Bastion Review

I first saw bastion I think on G4 earlier this year. The visuals alone convinced me to get it, And as it turned out out, this game is definitely in my top ten of all time! This action-RPGs controls are some of the most fluid and fun to play I've ever experienced. From rolling 'link' style, to slashing, to using your shield to counter, it is awesome!

The game starts and the first things you notice are the narrators voice, and the artistic style. The narrators voice follows your movements, telling a story, his deep and almost sexy voice denies you any will to stop playing if you had any. And the artistic style... well... you just have to play the game for yourself. The world forms up around you, at first, then they do what they need for a different experience per level. Either it falls out from behind you and you gotta run like mad or it just pokes holes you can fall through, hell, it makes unattainable platforms with projectile turrets shooting you from every direction forcing you to choose at least one ranged weapon at all times. The colour palette changes for a lot of the levels always twisting things, from deep browns, blues and reds, to bright yellow and green. The game takes you through a whole bunch of different places that existed before the 'calamity' bars, mines, whatever. So your always getting new settings new decor and new structures. It really is candy for the eyes. It's like water-colour mixed with stain-glass. Basically a perfect mix of a kids drawing and cathedral art. It creates something totally new I've never seen before.

The best feeling of this game is never knowing what the next level will bring. The world has been torn apart by a great calamity we never find out about. We play the game as a character known only as the kid who sets off to find crystal shards for the Bastion. The narrator talks you the whole way, like I said telling a story as you live it, it's perfect. They even came up with lines for when you pick your weapons out of the armoury. ''Anything that machete can't cut open, a cannon ought-ta do it.''

In Bastion you have a very vast array of weapons, their names match the history of the different settings you go through. Each weapon is used differently so every time you change it affects game-play a lot. Of course you have to separate them in your head between ranged and melee but each one can deal instant death or cause your own. The first and main weapon of the game is the Cael Hammer. This guy, 'The kid's best friend', is VERY powerful but a bit slow and clunky. You then get more and more weapons all throughout the game like The War Machete, Dualing Pistols and my personal favourite, At the end of the game The Calamity Cannon!!

This game is truly a must for anyone who has played an 'overhead' RPG. If you played Champions of Norath, Baulders Gate or Diablo, you are going to LOVE this game. You have a wide choice of weapons, upgrades for those weapons that are relevant, not just +10% critical, you can have all sorts of devastating specials, perks, and challenges for your game.

Bastion blew me away with simplistic yet deep gameplay, an involving story, supreme artistic style, simply wonderful music that combines folk and modern, and the best narration I've ever enjoyed in a video-game! Best 15$ I've ever spent!! It's on XBLA and Steam. Thank you, Supergiant Games. 10/10

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écrit le samedi 14 janvier 2012