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Gravity Rush

The PSVita system has been lacking in games for North-America. The machine was supposed to have more games for people who want more out of their games. Cut the rope on my iPhone is cute and entertaining but it just doesn't cut it...

So here we have the Japan Studio of Sony giving us a small jewel of light in the dark empty abyss of the PSVita game selection. Gravity rush, an open-world sandbox that lets you control gravity as you wish getting you around by flying, sliding, or even walking on walls. This game impressed me visually and the music is great, but the camera controls and render distance that present those aspects of the game just dont measure up. the game allows you to float way up high over the city and soar accross its vastness, but you cant even see more than a silhouette of the buildings when you look afar. when in the midst of the action the camera is always at the wrong angle and trying to reset itself, making for some frustration at times... Where i think this game stands out is in theme, look, feel, and story. The people who dreamed up this world have a great imagination and know what their doing this is a good piece of easy-going yet involving entertainment. The cut scenes and dialog is well constructed using the 'cell-shading' art of the game to enhance the 'comic-book' feel! If you have a vita, this is one of the big games these days, buy it!

écrit le samedi 16 juin 2012