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Beyond: Two souls

Some games are all about gameplay. Others want it to last long. Some want to deliver everything at once. This game is all about the story. Beyond is like watching an 8-hour movie where you get to mix up the dialogue, and interact with the action. You can also make the story related decisions the main Character has to make at certain points in her life. From as early as she can walk, talk and go to school, to her late 20's. You follow Jodie Holmes on a screwed-up recollection of her memories. This game will make you feel like a participant more like a player, you have to go into this knowing its someones' story. 

I just can't get enough of the idea behind this game, that there is an infra-world where souls and demons go when we die, and that a girl is born attached to an entity. The gameplay mechanics are true to Quantic Dreams' reputation press X, Shake the controller, hold L1, kinda stuff. But its just the fact that you touch the game with your controller that really keeps you attached to this 'Movie/Game'. I think it was super well executed but it IS a short game. AND no re-play value. I mean you COULD do it two or three times but one play is enough. on an entertainment level, get this game its a perfect 10. But on a GAME level it really falls short of what gamers expect, and I know the people behind this could do more of what we want  if that were their objective. For this one they had a story to tell and hell, they told it well.

Beyond: Two souls has to be played by every PS3 owner in the world, but as a game it's hard to critic. So i won't give it a score. I'll just say: rent it or borrow it. Play it for two or three days, its really worth it!!

Check out the Trailer!!

écrit le jeudi 24 octobre 2013