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The Legend of Zelda -A Link Between Worlds-

A long time ago in a childhood far far away...

 Nintendo gave my older brother a game. A game called The Legend of Zelda, and it was glorious. It was a time of hidden passages you just had to know about, skill with the blade, and mastery of exploration and adventure. Neighbors would call each other for secrets, tricks and share discoveries. The glory and power of the internet was yet unknown and unimaginable. Playing was hard and finishing was even harder.

Now, many years later nintendo (and some friends) got me playing a new zelda, but that feels just like the games of old. In 'A Link Between Worlds' your accutally in the same world as 'A Link To The past'! Instead of a dark and light world we have Hyrule and Lorule. Zelda and Hilda. An evil power has taken the seven sages and turned them into paintings. This time they are NOT a bunch of old geezers we don't know jack about. They are characters in the world that we care a little about! Sarcastic hourraa!! The game itself is very respective of the older games, the opening screen has the same music, there is Majora's Mask on links wall in his house, and the sound effects are all very similar to the old ones we remember from a link to the past.

The exploration and puzzles are perfect, not too easy not to hard. The game does not take the player for an idiot, like the more recent portable Zelda games. The world is fun yet challenging, as you advance in the game it gets harder and harder at just the right moments. link has a new ability in this game, borrowing from the bad guy via a bracelet, he can merge into the wall and become a moving painting! This is a great mechanic, never before seen in the series. It helps the puzzles and dungeons give you a better sense of accomplishment, making you explore the walls as well as the floors of the place. Link has the regular 'ol items to use, bow, boomerang, hookshot etc. The big change is the renting. You can go to your house and rent your items from Ravio, a costumed dude and his bird who have taken your home and turned it into a shop. You can have very powerfull stuff right off the start (after the first dungeon) but its the puzzles that make you think more than just an item that gets you through. instead of asking yourself 'what do i use' or 'oh this is obvious' its more a question of 'how'.

This game really got big points on the pure and well executed finish, the quick and fun game-play and a BIG nostalgia factor. If i want to play an old school Zelda, A Link To The Past just isn't good enough anymore. If your missing the old days, get yourself a copy of 'Zelda: A Link Between Worlds'. This is a definite must play, buy or rent this if you own a 3DS or 2DS.


Thanks for reading come back for 'The last of us' and 'Killzone' coming soon!

écrit le samedi 21 décembre 2013