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Killzone: Mercenary

My opinion... not that you care, but you're here so, enjoy!

When I first saw the psp, I found it made no sense to make it with only one joystick. Playing shooters worked but it was torture. When the PSVita was announced, there was finnaly hope to play a good first person shooter on the go. Unfortunately there were very few games to satisfy the thirst for blood and bullets. Killzone Mercenary satisfies. I don't know if they made the Vita for this game or made the game for the Vita anymore. All I have to say is ''It was about damn time!''.

This Killzone is not seen through the I.S.A or Helghast eyes, but rather through the eyes of a guy who just don't give a F**k. If the money's good, get rich and get out. Speaking of money, this game has a very cool system for determining how you get your stuff. Make money by shooting people. Make even more money by getting the job done. Then spend your money on awesome toys!! The plot is good but more of the dialogue is oriented around the whole let's 'make some money' angle. It's manly, funny, and tough. Make you wanna come back for more. Shoot, Kill, Spend. 

This time around we have a fully functioning AAA shooter on a mobile platform. So when it comes to controls your going to have problems from a developers' view as far as button mapping, and making something new that we've never seen before. Usually this is all solved by going back to the basics and making it simple. Not this time. This time the problem was solved through the machines' awesome tech! Having two joysticks really helps, but they also used a lot of the touchscreen and rear touch-pad on the Vita to compensate for the lack of buttons you usually find on a dual-shock3. On a Vita there are no L2R2 buttons, and you can't push down on the joysticks. But hey who needs 4 buttons right? I DO. DON'T EVER ASK THAT QUESTION AGAIN OR I WILL RIP OFF YOUR ARM!!!! Damn, why am I shouting...? Anyways, Killzone on the Vita takes full advantage of the extra tech. Putting your weapon swap as a little icon on the screen saves a button, Zooming and sprinting with the rear touch-pad are very, very cool. And the studio even added their own personal touch to the insta-kills. You gotta swipe a finger on the screen in the right way to jam your knife in the guys spine, neck, chest, eye or head. Very gruesome. Very cool. It's all the little things they thought of that makes this game extra special. 

PLAY WITH HEADPHONES for maximum awesome! :-) The action sequences are over the top, and the graphics are great! I do believe they used a slightly downgraded version of the Killzone3 engine to make this one! Sweet!! So yeah there you have it, with a sturdy multiplayer and a great campagin this game is a definate buy. Controlls are great and visuals are better than expected, and you can take it with you! So you can shoot people when you're in the hospital waiting room after you've been shot... not that you'll WANT to play when you will have been SHOT, but hey, you CAN, and that's what counts!! 


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écrit le dimanche 29 décembre 2013