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Dust 514 is an entirely online, competitive, first-person shooter experience. You are a mercenary who works for a corporation, trying to take control of as much of this year 24,000 or something universe. The game, connected to Eve online by #CCP, has the ideal formula for an RPG-shooter in terms of skill-point and money gathering and character building. Overall one of my favorite games, unfortunately , it's missing a few things. A market is present and well made except for the fact that you may not re-sell your inventory. So once you buy something or find it on the battlefield it's yours no ifs no buts. Your fucked if bought something you can't use, and your in much deeper doo-doo if you spend skill points on something by mistake or you don't want, or give a rat's ass about. And there are A-LOT of things you can buy. From your shields and armor to an active scanner or Nanite injectors. You can even have repair tools, or go for two main weapons. 

CCP is always finding ways to make their game better. They balance the stats, monitor the economy, and listen to their players. This stressful combat game is full of players, competing to be the best and kick some ass. You'll find huge maps, vehicles and even orbital strikes like other games but what sets this one apart is that you really care about what happens to yourself. You spend your hard earned (In-game) money on your character, not just un-lockables. When you purchase an assault rife and you die, that assault rifle is lost forever. Meaning you have to buy multiple copies and plan well. There are two ways you can purchase items, with in game ISK or with Aurum. Aurum lets you 'do more faster'. Literally. You can purchase items before you can unlock the skill points to get there by usually a step or two. Aurum is purchased for real life money and will make you care about what happens and really be pissed when you die. 

Overall the social experience and and the Character building and very good, this game is always getting you to come back for more. With highly intense combat and wide open maps that let you fuck off when the enemy tell you (with kills), you'll love it while your there...unless you suck... then you won't like it... you'll just die. A lot. Forming a squad is the best way to survive and adding reaching your objectives together and doing your job to that, is the best way to win. Dust 514 is my go-to game for first person shooting on the PS3. And at the low low price of 0$ who could resist giving it a try?  

I'll give it an 8.5/10 

écrit le mercredi 16 octobre 2013

This game is awesome!! A superbe platformer with great visuals, music and well you just cant say no to JETPACKTION!!! Check out BOTH videos as one is a better idea of how the story is told and the other of some gameplay! Enjoy!

They say work in progress, this video is old but i assure you the game is out now on ps3 and Vita :-)

écrit le vendredi 15 mars 2013

This game was highly expected, I've been waiting a couple of months and some people for years! Made by Level-5 and Studio Ghibli, published by Namco-Bandai and music by Joe Hisaishi performed by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, everything comes together to create the best gaming experiance EVER!!!

I'm now about 6 hours into the game and i already give this a 10/10!! BUY THIS GAME!!! NOW!!! 

écrit le vendredi 25 janvier 2013

I just bought this game, playing a lot! It's quite good! 

écrit le mardi 8 janvier 2013

This game is awesome! new but, old, but... new... it's like hanging out with your coolest friend from childhood you haven't seen in years!!

écrit le jeudi 15 novembre 2012